the photographer.

— “Begin doing what you want to do now. we do not live in an eternity. We only have this moment. Sparkling like a star. melting like a snowflake.” - Sir Francis Bacon

—  amplified stories.

you know that saying "a picture is worth 1000 words"... i don't like it.

1000 words is not that much. A picture is 1000 words and then some. Even the bad ones. Its part of a story. A whole story. A story that's probably had a few rough drafts or different working titles. One that got lost in a move or had wine spilled all over the middle 17 pages. A story you just couldn't get past the first chapter (the first three times you tried to read it). A story you couldn't get enough of or loved the surprising ending. The one that has a stain in the bottom right corner from that time you insisted on holding it AND your chipotle on the downtown A. That. All of that. That makes it a little bit louder. A little bit brighter. Bolder. More colorful. 

it's the same story… just amplified.

When I shoot, I want to create images specific to you and your story. I would hate for someone to be going through my pictures and think that anyone could have taken them of anything...or anyone. I have a specific voice and make sure that it is heard through my work. I also want you to feel completely themselves (with a side of me pushing you further)  so when you look at the pictures you say "that is so me."  Its one of my favorite things to hear as a photographer. This may be why in my photos  you will see pictures of a couple at their favorite tap house...wearing their favorite t shirts.  Or a wedding party staging a star-wars scene...light sabers and all. 

I specialize in Portrait, Editorial and Wedding photography. But it doesn't have to be neat and tidy. If you've always wanted to wear a floor length gown in the middle of the desert with pythons around you and water falling over a bright red down. well...maybe not the pythons but you get it. 

I am based out of New York with an urban asthetic as bright as the city. My style is bold and colorful and i dont think the phrase "not photogenic" is a real thing. Ever. 

Available for travel. Actually...i take that back. Travel. Just Travel. Please take me with you. I would love to come and shoot even when its not in New York ( Jersey doesn't count). And I happen to have a special place in my heart for Denver. So if thats where you're telling your story… I volunteer as tribute.



photos by                        malloree delayne hill






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